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Save the birds and animals. We need the support to keep us open and running. What would Hout Bay be without the World of Birds?

For 38 years World of Birds in Hout Bay has accepted & cared for up to 200 birds & animals every month in need of help and care. The no-kill policy (while there is quality of life) has given permanent shelter to hundreds of birds, animals and reptiles with no Official or Corporate support.

With the economic downturn and drastically reduced tourism and income another difficult year lies ahead. Continuing with the free and privately funded Wildlife Care Service could mean the closure and loss of the World of Birds as a Bird Park and Recreational and Educational Institution. Hout Bay and Cape Town would lose one of its major tourism assets.

Your yearly membership will help to make life as good as possible for birds and animals in our care. Please help the World of Birds before it’s too late.

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Your membership will help to make life as good as possible for birds and animals in our care.
Membership entitles you to:
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Sponsorship of an aviary is valid for 10 years and is available from R10,000 upwards.
If you sponsor an aviary:
Current projects to sponsor:

Existing enclosure Sponsor

Small enclosures can be sponsored from R10,000 (Primates, Parrots).

Bald Ibis

Our colony of Ibis and their enclosure can be sponsored for R35,000.

Black Eagle

This pair of birds can be sponsored for R50,000.

Vulture Colony

The colony of 7 birds along with other indigenous birds in their large enclosure can be sponsored for R85,000.

Ground Hornbill

New enclosure needed, space set aside and ground work started, this project will cost R250,000 to sponsor, this will include the sponsor of the endangered birds.


Our Meerkat colony needs there existing enclosure rebuild due to flood water damage to the retaining wall. This enclosure can be sponsored for R45,000.

Tea in Paradise

A collection of mixed birds ranging from the smallest finishes to the highly endangered Northern Bald Ibis. This enclosure is one of the largest in the park. (on request)

For more information on any of the above sponsorships or projects or enquiries on how you can help with the above, please contact us either by phoning us (+27 21 790 2730) or sending us an email (


Support our current projects. Help with your donation. Every amount counts!

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Or donations can be made to:
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World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary is an independent institution. Preservation, breeding, education and research projects undertaken by World of Birds can be supported through:

The Wild Bird Trust (Reg. No. T834/91, Wild Birds & Small Mammals Preservation, Education & Scientific Research Trust)

Monkey Jungle

We have thirty-eight of these attractive, agile and highly inquisitive New World monkeys. They are extremely mischievous and quick (so make sure all your belongings are safely packed away in a bag!).

Ground Hornbills

They live in a large walkthrough enclosure, which allows visitors to enjoy direct contact with them.

The Monkey Jungle is open from 11:30 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 15:30. More Information here.